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The Adventures of Blue Hound

 blue hound sunset This is an assortment of memories, many pictorial, from the travels of Blue Hound, including:


Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, The Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Brazil and the Azores (x4), North Africa, Malta, Greece; together with a collection of resources useful for sailors 


The sunset picture was taken from Blue Hound, anchored in the Canal de Itaparica in near Salvador in Brazil. Completely magical!



Blue Hound is a staysail schooner, built by Chantiers des Ardennes in Marseilles in 1981, in steel.


LOA 15.1m, with a beam of 4.60m and a draught of 2.74m.  Sail area approximately 1200 square feet. Displacement 26 tons loaded.


Originally built as a training vessel for the French Navy, she has a long and chequered history.


2017 - The Caribbean



2016 - a Busy Year

Still getting the miles in with 2,722 miles logged and several new experiences plus a grand tour of the Canary Islands - except el Hierro (we'll get there some day)!


2016 tracks





Bunkside Thrillers

Cover Image

Suspense and Visceral Action in Tunisia and Southern Europe


Sicilian Channel Cover Image

Suspense and Action in Crete, the Ionian and Malta


Gate of Tears

Red Sea Piracy and nautical adventure!

...the action is fast paced, hard, gritty and realistic. A lover of the genre couldn’t ask for more or better.

- Novelist Lee Holz

Full review 


Essential Companion