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Scran Bag


A nautical term for a collection of odds and ends. If I don't know where to put something, then it ends up here - a bit like the bottom of a cockpit locker...the junk migrates to the bottom...


Nothing here today, I've cleaned it out..

Well, I received an email about this, it explains itself:

with reference to the term scranbag. In the Royal Navy any loose article from a mess deck was confiscated to the "scranbag and held by the "buffer". A fee had to be paid to get the item back. Usually a bar of hard soap was a suitable "exchange". A "pipe" would be made over the Tannoy. "the scranbag is now open". There was a good reason for this practice. In rough weather loose items of clothing could block scuppers and cause flooding.  Safe sailing.  From an 80 year old ex. petty Officer.  Rick


So, now we know - thanks Rick R!

And we'll all watch our scuppers (and of course, our strum boxes)!




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